Harvey Denton, Jr.

Harvey was about the only hang up I had while writing Misfit McCabe. I couldn’t get a read on him for a day or two. He stayed in the distance and I knew he was entering the story, but I didn’t know anything about him — or not enough to write about him anyway. So… I had to do something. I stood next to Katie in the shop where Sarah worked and peered out the window with her. And together we watched as he came closer… the untucked shirt and untied shoelaces, sweat beading his brow. And then I knew — Harvey is the character you love to hate.

From Misfit McCabe

A peer of Katie’s who takes pleasure in trying to make her angry. A contest of revenge develops between the two.

From Nowhere Feels Like Home

After abducting Katie and leaving her out in the hills in a storm, where she broke her ankle, Harvey wants Katie to deny it ever happened.

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