Katie McCabe

Katie and I have been together for quite some time, and I’d love for you to get to know her better too. Below will be any posts about Katie or even written by Katie. She’s excited about the possibility of getting to do some blog posts (maybe I should be worried). Anyway, before you get to the posts, a little bit about Katie from the books:

From Misfit McCabe

A fourteen year old rebel with a history of trying to run away from home. She is sent to live with relatives and is determined to cause as many problems as she can.

From Nowhere Feels Like Home

Living with Uncle Charley, his sons, Matt and Mark, and her cousin Sarah, having been recently orphaned, Katie tries to fit in with her new family while dealing with a broken ankle and anger at the bully who gave it to her.

Posts by Katie McCabe

  • Banned in New Zealand Anyone who knows me knows I think banning of books is pretty stupid. If you don’t like what’s in a book, then don’t read it. In fact, by not buying it you’re already making a statement with your wallet. Click here to continue reading “Banned in New Zealand”Go straight to Post
  • Remembering What Isn’t To Be This is hard. I’m struggling to find the words I want to say. In July, after reading about Samuel and Takeimi, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Click here to continue reading “Remembering What Isn’t To Be”Go straight to Post
  • Takeimi’s Legacy A couple of weeks ago Takeimi Rao was looking forward to starting high school, or at least that’s what I’d expect from a straight A student. But last week, during a slumber party all her dreams of what she was going to do with her life came to an end. Click here to continue reading ...
  • A Disgusting Show Of Politics When I saw someone called BookBurninParty start following writers on Twitter, my head nearly exploded. I mean, seriously, who outside of librarians and teachers, love books more than writers? Why would some idiot talk about burning books to writers???? Click here to continue reading “A Disgusting Show Of Politics”Go straight to Post
  • Alcohol and Death: Something to think about This is a picture of Samuel Hayes. He died last week, probably because he had too much to drink. He was sixteen-years-old, only a couple years older than me. I didn’t know Samuel. We don’t live in the same town, but his story hit me hard. He looks like a nice guy, and sixteen is ...
  • Interview With a Misfit In Interview with Katie McCabe I talk about the experience of interviewing Katie for my friend Carolina Valdez Miller, but I thought it was a good idea to post the actual interview on this site as well. The interview was conducted after the conclusion of Nowhere Feels Like Home and prior to the writing of ...
  • Interview with Katie McCabe An opportunity recently presented itself to do a guest post on another blog in the guise of an inteview with one of my characters. Click here to continue reading “Interview with Katie McCabe”Go straight to Post

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