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This website is for all things Misfit McCabe: articles about the books in the series, the characters you’ll meet between the covers, and real-life information about the issues encountered as well as a list of Resources which may help if you are encountering similar issues to those in the books.

The Misfit McCabe Series will be five books in length. The first two, Misfit McCabe (Book 1) and Nowhere Feels Like Home (Book 2) are both currently available in paperback and ebook formats. No Boundaries (Book 3) will be released Fall 2011. To find out more about where the books can be purchased and in what formats, click the Buy The Books button to the top right.

About The Books

Misfit McCabe (Book One)

When Katie McCabe accidentally burns down a neighbor’s shed, she thinks it’s the worst thing that could happen. Boy is she ever wrong. Hustled off to live with her Uncle Charley, Katie struggles with the changes in her life. The only bright spot is making a friend who wants to be more. But the first person she meets is an enemy with ties to her past who believes in dangerous retribution. How far is he willing to go? Katie wonders if she has the strength to survive.

Nowhere Feels Like Home (Book Two)

Stuck in bed with a broken ankle and reeling from the loss of her father, her home, and life as she knew it, Katie McCabe must deal with her anger toward the town bully and a world that’s fallen apart. Being cooped up in the house with Uncle Charley and three overprotective cousins isn’t helping. Despite her new family’s good intentions, Katie feels like a lonely outsider. Will she ever be happy again?

To preview the books, check out the flip-books in the right sidebar. To learn more about the author, LK Gardner-Griffie, check out her Bio.

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